Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Shirt porn...beware

I had a whinge about Nike just the other day. I used the Nike Run app to map and time my jog and as I passed the 2.5km of 5km mark on my second run in three weeks (prop bod still firmly intact) when the voice of professional comedic screecher Kevin Hart interrupted the nosebleed techno I was blasting out of my headphones. He was there to reassure me I was doing 'really well'. But like Mr Hart's film career, this assertion was a load of bollocks. I was hanging out of my arse and seriously considering hailing an uber. Annoying inaccuracy, it could have been a White House press briefing. 

Nike, all is forgiven. Bravo. Just bravo. Where can I buy these please? Argentina get all the best kits.  


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